Diocesan Conference

Although disappointed that we could not meet on Saturday, I am looking forward to gathering with potentially more people vial zoom as our new format conference begins today at 4pm and 7pm.

If this is the first time you have used zoom, you will be asked to load software on your computer or device, please do so as you will be unable to join.

The sessions at each time slot will be identical. We are offering them twice, both to give you a choice of a time which will best suit your schedule, and to make the zoom session easier by spreading out the numbers of people involved in each one.

A couple of notes to help make our experience more effective:

When everyone joins the session, they will be muted. Please leave your setting on ‘mute’ unless asking a question.
There will be less interaction in today’s session, as it is a keynote address. The seminars starting next week will invite active participation.
It would be a help if you could ensure –
There is plenty of light on your face
There is no backlight (eg in the afternoon session, from a window behind you. Best to face the other way so the light from the window is on your face, or close the blind.)
Your camera is at eye level – so we are not left looking up your nose as it were! 😊
Your device is stationary – not hand held
Ensure your speaker is turned up
Today’s sessions will begin with a short time of praise and worship, but everything you need for that will be on the screen
Finally – please pray for our conference that it may bring inspiration and refreshment to us all.

In case you’ve misplaced it – here is the zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82913187527